Corporate Events and Team Building

Laser Tag isn’t just for birthday parties and high school kids. Our system is great for your corporate event, company picnic and as a team building event. Because our equipment is mobile, we can bring it to your office, warehouse or at a park of your choosing! Let us bring you an experience your coworkers will want to do again. 

Corporate Events

Your business event doesn’t need to be a boring party at the office or another loud restaurant event. Do something different and active! We will put your office into teams or you can battle is out in a free for all laser tag match. We’d love to make your next corporate event one you will never forget. 

Team Building

Our equipment can divide into teams which you can battle over base control, or play zombie apocalypse. We will rotate your teams and make sure that you have a great team building experience where everyone has a great time. 

Office Parties

Look, office parties can be boring, stuffy, and a real bummer for the employees and their spouses to attend. Liven it up a bit with some friendly laser tag competition! We come to you so it’s very convenient. Don’t do the same thing you’ve always done, try something new with our amazing laser tag events. 

We want to talk to you about your corporate event!