About us

Book an amazing laser tag party for ANY event!

Whether you have a 10 year old wants to play laser tag for their birthday, or you have a corporate team that you are wanting to have an amazing outing for, we will bring you a laser tag experience that no one will forget!

Check out the laser tag gallery to see just how much fun it is. 

Book a laser tag event specific to you!

Laser tag isn’t just for kids

Any age can play laser tag with ATX Tag’s system. Whether you are a mom looking to book an event for your 8 year old, or a 50 year old looking to have an amazing event with your friends… we would love to be the thing to do for you in Austin!

we don’t charge per head

Our packages are designed to work with any amount of people. We do not charge “per head”, but rather have flat rates for our events. Check out our pricing page to see what we can do for you. 

Laser tag outdoors

Look, you are used to playing laser tag in a bowling alley, with a bunch of kids you don’t know. Not anymore. Our laser tag delivery system is brought right to your door, or to a park near you. We can play outside or inside, and it’s all with your friends! We deliver an amazing private event to you. 

If you are looking for something to do near you, don’t settle for a routine event. Do something that is different. Have an amazing birthday event in your backyard. Ease your mind with a team building event at a public park. We can deliver our mobile laser tag equipment near you… in fact we deliver directly to you.

Let us be apart of your private event. Let us bring laser tag to you!